Reading Workshop/Daily 5

I love the Sisters!  I had the pleasure of meeting them a few years ago when I first started using D5 and Cafe in my classroom.  They really are as pleasant as they seem!  Obviously, I am the one in the middle!  That being said, I also love D5!  This is a  link to their fabulous website!  The Daily Cafe.   I have been using their Reading Workshop framework for 5 years now and would not teach reading any other way.  Of course, I don’t do it exactly the way they do.  You have to do what works for you right? 
I have a separate whole class Writer’s Workshop.  That just works better for me.  I also have a separate and whole class Word Work time, which I only manage to get in 3 days a week.  Everyday, the kiddos do Read to Self and Read with Someone or go on the computer to Listen to Reading.  It works for me and my kiddos!

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Which brings me to my Pensieve.  I have tried lots of different formats.  I didn’t have my camera at school today, so I will post a picture tomorrow, but my current version is a clipboard.  I love the binder idea, but have a hard time writing with the pages in the binder, and have lost pages when I free them from their metal bonds!  The clipboard version really works for me.  That being said, I have also tweaked the form that I use to keep track of my reading conferences.  It has spots for each of the CAFE goals because I like to keep track of what they kiddos are doing in all of those areas, not just their reading goal and strategy.  The little boxes in the bigger boxes is where I keep track of “touch points”.  A is for alone, A w/p is alone with prompting, and NH is for Needed Help.  Here is a pic and a link to get your own if you like it.  The font really is a cute one, but for some reason, when I upload it to Google Docs, it changes the font.  If you know how I can fix it, please let me know by making a comment!  Thanks!  🙂

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