Morning Meeting Area

Do you have a morning meeting area? A place where you meet with your whole class? What do you call your special meeting area?


I do most of my instruction with the kiddos sitting in our morning meeting area.  Last year, I had an orange rug, so anytime we gathered together I would say “Meet me at the orange rug.”  Well, the beloved “orange rug” fell apart by the end of its 3rd year in my classroom (pretty good for a $20 area rug from Meijer I think!).  So, I worked summer school this summer to buy my new rug.  I have to say that I love it!  So, the kiddos and I had a discussion and we decided that the rug is where all of the “Magic” happens, so we named the meeting area (rug) the “Magic Carpet”.  Which I found perfect!  So now when it is time to gather together I always say (or sing) “Meet me on the magic carpet”.  It has such a nice ring to it.  It is one of my favorite spots in my room.    My darling husband bought me my rocking chair (yup, it’s Amish made) when I got my first teaching job (12 years ago).  And, that is an old coffee table to hold all of my “junk” during the day!  I would love to hear about your whole class meeting area!  Leave me a comment!  🙂


Thank you so much or stopping by! Happy Teaching!

Morning Meeting Area post.

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