Monday Meet up!

Okay! I am linking up with the Teaching Tribune for their “Monday Meet-Up” Here is some randomness about me:

I honestly cannot remember a time that I LOVE reading.  I remember being soooooooo excited to go to first grade because I was going to learn how to read.  I was so excited.  I picked it up really quickly and have been a bookworm ever since!
If I would have been blessed with a daughter her name would have been Nora!  It is my favorite girl name.  Truth be told though, I have always really liked my name, so I would be loathe to change it.
I am a humongous fan of the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon.  Jamie is just dreamy.  I am also a ginormous Harry Potter fan.  Dumbledore is my favorite character.  
I have 2 brothers.  They are something else!
Breakfast is my favorite.  I would eat breakfast all the time.  I love to have everything in one dish.  Skillets are perfect!  Eggs, veggies, meat, potatoes, with some pancakes on the side!  Perfect!  YUM!

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