Just a reflection today.

Okay, I have been up to my ears in grading papers, doing school projects with my boys and coming down with a cold! 

I had a really great day at school today, but did nothing miraculous or picture worthy!  Now wait a minute…

I guess if I stop to reflect (which as a teacher I have little time to do) today was wonderful!  The kiddos did what they were supposed to do, I had a teachable moment and the resources to carry it out, we had fun playing WORDO,and  I got wear p.j.’s and have lunch with a great group of kiddos.  I bribed them with p.j.s and lunch in our classroom to get them to get their A.R. points early!  I had 14 kiddos who managed to do it!  Whoo!

 It was just another Out of this World day in Second Grade!  I am hoping for 25 more just like it!  🙂  
Hope yours are Out of this World as well!

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