It Works for Me and a Freebie!

Organization is not my strong point.  But, I am much more organized at school than I am at home.  A few years ago I discovered something that helps me stay organized when it comes to students handing in assignments.

It doesn’t look like much, but it works for me.  It is a pocket chart.  Each kiddo has their own pocket with their number on it.  When they come into class in the morning, they put their homework in their pocket.  Then, I can easily see who didn’t bring in their homwork.  Their number goes above on the board.  Then, I take the papers out in order.  Then, if a kiddo forgot his/her name, they are in number order so I know who belongs to each paper.  I have the kiddos turn in all classwork here too, so I can see at a glance who is missing assignments.

I got a little more creative with “Notes to the Teacher”.  This little area is right next to the blue pockets.  Kiddos put notes for me, money etc.. in the little pink basket.  This spot also holds tissues, hand sanitzier and bandaids. 
How do you keep your kiddos paperwork organized?  Post wouldn’t be complete without a little freebie though would it?

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