I admit it. I have a problem.

I love to rearrange my classroom.  I know I shouldn’t because it hypes the kiddos up and makes for a tough day, but I love to rearrange. 
My husband hates when I rearrange at home, so I feel the need to do it at school.  I can always justify my choice.  This time is because we were crowded.  I had a couple of kiddos that would get into fights because their chairs would bang into each other every time they moved.  It was time right? 

Anyway.  I have more kiddos this year then I am used to, plus I have a couch in my room which I refuse to remove.  It makes my classroom so much homier! Please ignore the overflowing recycle bin (at least I am recycling!) 
I also have a freebie!  I used D.J.Inkers clipart!  I LOVE D.J.Inkers!  I am celebrating because I sold my first product on TpT!  Yeah!  So enjoy!  I am going to to use it with my kiddos after studying about Frogs.  We are going to write all the things that we now know about Frogs in the thought bubble! 

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