Huge Teacher Geek Alert!


Front Cover

I am a huge teacher geek!  I love pens, I love pencils and post-it notes.  I am thrilled by office supplies (especially really cute ones)! 
I LOVE my plan book!  It actually started out as my Master’s Portfolio.  I took me 6 years of one class at a time to complete, so my Portfolio had to be magnificent!  I am a paper crafts person, so no regular binder would do.  Of course, after I turned it in and got my grade it was going to sit on a bookshelf.  The binder was way to cute for that, so it is now my plan book!    I love my plan book so much it is on it’s own pedestal!  Well, actually it is a  

Back Cover
 wire mesh telephone stand.  But, it works perfectly!  (I stole this idea from one of my teaching team!)  I love it!  I can keep it open on my desk, and I still have room underneath!  I put small baskets underneath for pens, scissors, white-out tape, etc… It has a special trough on the side that is perfect for post it notes!

Open on Pedestal!

Pedestal without plan book.

Yup, huge teacher geek.  I love it!  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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