Guided Math Conferences Book Study!

Our book study starts July 6 and continues until August 4. Make sure you’re following all of the blog hosts so you don’t miss out on any of the chapters!  I am hosting Chapter 2 on July 10!  Hope you see you then!
Chapter 1 – Conferring with Young Mathematicians
Thinking of Teaching
Chapter 2 – The Value of Guided Math Conferences

All Things Apple in 2nd
Chapter 3 – The Structure of Guided Math Conferences
joyin6th Homepage
Chapter 4 – Types of Guided Math Conferences
Teaching with a Touch of Twang
Chapter 5 – Implementing Conferences
Chapter 6 – Managing Conferences to Promote the Success of Young Mathematicians
Second Thoughts with Mrs. C
Chapter 7 – Guidelines for Effective Conferences 

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