Full Moon and a Freebie!

“Wow!  The moon is so cute!” said my darling son.  “I’m not sure that I would call it cute.” said his skeptical mother.  “Okay, then it is majestic, mysterious, and beautiful tonight!” says my loquacious, logophile son.  What could I say to that?  Wow!

I am a firm believer that kiddos are effected by the full moon.  I had a very challenging day with my normally pretty good kiddos.  Just plain weird stuff: making quacking noises while I’m reading, shouting out random nonsense, asking to use the bathroom during Daily 5 (we haven’t done that since the second week of school).  It was a crazy day today!  Do you find your kiddos get a little moonstruck?

The longer that I live, the more I realize that the little things are the things that I am starting to cherish most.  A cup of coffee, a good salad, a hug, an erudite answer to a question…a freebie… can help my day look brighter!  So, I am hoping to pass on a little sunshine!  Enjoy.  I hope you find it useful!

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