Five for Friday!

I am linking up this week with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!
This has been a LONG week!

1.  We are not allowed to have Valentine’s “Parties” at our school.  So, my wonderful room moms brought in a “Snack and a Craft”.  Of course I didn’t take pictures until the kiddos were all sugared up, and I left those at school.  

2.  I got these adorable “dog tag” valentines for my kiddos.  Of course, my son had to attach one to our dog!  So she got her first valentine! 

3.  I don’t get flowers for Valentine’s day anymore (thanks to a cat eating something poisonous and having to spend the weekend getting its stomach pumped). So, I get books (which are infinitely better anyway!)  This year I got:

A Year of Writing Dangerously: 365 Days of Inspiration and EncouragementNo Bears

both were on my Amazon wishlist!  I love Amazon!  I already read No Bears! to my class and they loved it!

4. I am super excited about the three day weekend!  I have to go to a CPR class, visit my darling in-laws and go for a birthday celebration with my teacher friends (or as my son calls the “the ladies”).

5. My youngest son gets to be the “Super Star” in his kindergarten class next week!  He is super excited and started his poster early.  Can you tell what Mr. O-Town is into now a days? 

Now, go link up and read some more Friday randomness!  How Fun!

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