Descriptive Writing with Beanie Babies!!!

I love Beanie Babies!  I am always the first in line to get the whole set from McDonald’s when they come out!  Of course, when I taught Kindergarten, we used them for all sorts of things: sorting, counting, colors, etc…  When I moved up to Second Grade I almost gave them away, but I loved them too much.  So, they sat in a closet for a while.  Then, we were discussing descriptive writing one day.  We loved the idea of writing about food (yum), but we were trying to figure out what else the kiddos could describe.  I remembered my friends the Beanie Babies!  This is always one of my kiddos favorite writing activities!  Each kiddo picks out a B.B. and tries to be very sneaky about it!  Then, they write their description, riddle style.  Then, I collect all the papers and read them.  We line the toys up, and the kiddos try to figure out which Beanie Baby is being described!  They get so excited! 
The paper we use can be found here for free!  If you like it, I have several other pages with Prewriting Graphic organizers in my TPT store.  You can find them here!  Let me know what you think!  Thanks for reading!  🙂

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