Craft Night and Christmas List Freebie!

Goofin Off!

Muffin Paper tree

Sock Snowman
Every year about this time our wonderful P.T.O has their Craft Night!  Boy, these people have it down to a science.  They had 16 different crafts.  The kiddos all signed up and paid for 2 ahead of time.  Then, each kiddo got a name tag with the letter name of the crafts that they had signed up for.  They went to one station to begin with, then switched to the second. They had a great turn out of parent helpers who ran each of the stations.   I went to help out tonight mainly because my boys were participating.  Of course a lot of my students past and present were also participating, so that was fun too!  It was really a good time!  The crafts were adorable, the kiddos had fun, it was well organized, and there were candy canes.  Does it get any better than that?  It does! Here is a freebie from my December “I’m Done” Menu on TpT

Perfect for making Christmas Lists!

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