Cleaning and laminating and binding! Oh my!

It is that time of year again!  Back to school.  I have been going in everyday this week in order to get my classroom ready for my cherubs!  Here is a short “before” video of my classroom!  

I will post the after soon.

But, I have to send a huge shout-out to the lovely people at!

I was interested in trying their portable spiral binding machine, so I asked if they would send me one to try out!  They did!  They also sent me their personal laminating machine as well!  Boy, did I have a good time!

First, let’s talk about laminating. 

I am a teacher.  I love laminating!
Their laminating machine (SircleLam HQ-230 9″ Pouch Laminator)
 is super portable and super easy to use.  It also has a dial to choose what heat setting you want to use.  You can also use it for cold laminating.  You can buy laminating pouches from them (they come in many sizes and thicknesses) or use the pouches for other similar laminating machines.  If you buy them from their site, they are having a buy two get one free sale

Now!  Onto binding.  

I love making stuff for my classroom.  This little gem (CoilMate E Electric Coil Inserter Coil Binding Machine came just in time to help me make my kiddos writing folders for this year!

I usually use my comb binding machine for this task.  Comb binding works really well, but I love spiral binding.  The kiddos will be able to fold their folders all the way back!  I love it!
This machine also has an electric coil inserter!  It works really fast!  

This machine is lightweight and easy to use!  It punches smoothly and evenly. If you order online they are also offering $4.99 shipping and $5.00 in free binding products!  I would highly recommend both of these products if you are looking  to make your life a little bit easier in the classroom!

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