Class Mascot and Don’t Forget!

 Meet Dwight!

 Dwight is our class mascot!  He is also a Webkinz.  Dwight gets passed around every morning during morning meeting.  He also gets sent home every weekend to have an adventure with one of the kiddos!  They are charged with writing about their weekend adventure with Dwight and bringing him back to school on Monday.  On Monday we read what they wrote!  I also have his login information in the journal so that the kiddos can play with him (or not) on Webkinz.  The kiddos love him!  I get so many creative stories about his adventures.   Friday morning as part of our Morning Meeting, I choose who gets to take Dwight home.  I have all of the kiddos numbers in a container shaped like an apple (every teacher should have one of those, right?).  I choose a number and that kiddos gets to take him home.  He has his own special bag (It has the school name on it).  In the bag goes Dwight, his journal, and a bag of supplies.  Now, I will say that I haven’t ever failed to get Dwight or his journal back.  I do often lose the supplies.  I usually only send home crayons and pencils, but they still disappear sometimes!  Inside Dwight’s journal is an introduction page, his Webkinz log-in information and some guidelines for using Dwight while online.  I also point out that going to play with him online is not necessary!  You can have a lot of fun with Dwight without going online!  Sometimes the kiddos write and draw pictures of their adventures.  Sometimes they take photos to add to his journal.
Dwight has had all kinds of adventures!  He gets to eat out a lot!  He has been to a train museum, the museum of Science and Industry, the pumpkin patch, to church, to football and soccer games.  He gets to meet  to meet lots of pets, other webkinz and lots of little brothers and sisters.  This year I have several siblings of students who were in my class in the past.  I started this year by reading past journal entries.  Out of the four kiddos who’s sibling had me, 3
 were in the picture from when their brother or sister took Dwight home!  They all really got a kick out of that!  We have a ton of fun with Dwight and even celebrate his birthday!  

Don’t Forget


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