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Reading Conference Forms Writing Conference Forms

Conferring with your students for reading and writing just got a little easier!

Looking for a quick way to help manage your Reading and Writing Conferences with your students?   Look no further! I will admit, I LOVE doing individual conferences with my kiddos for reading and writing! I will also admit, that sometimes I am at a loss for what to say, or what to teach next. I needed a way to help me focus!       So, I created these Reading/ Writing Conference Labels, Forms, and Rubrics. They help keep me focused on what I am looking for, plus give me space to take a note or two. When I sit down

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Check for Understanding…Beware of the Frog!

Hello all! Thanks so much for “hopping” by today! Now that we are back in school, I am working on setting up our classroom routines and procedures (as we all are I am sure). So, for Reading Workshop (I use the Daily 5 framework tweaked to work the best for me) once we have some stamina built up I start in with mini-lessons! We have so much to cover don’t we? So, I usually start with Check for Understanding and back up and re-read. I do this lesson several times, so I always try to pick books that I love.

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Classroom Snapshots: Reading Workshop organization

Wow!  I have been AFB (away from blog)!  Sorry about that.  We had parent conferences this past week.  I really enjoy meeting with my cherub’s parents, but it takes a lot of prep! Enough about that!  I am writing about Reading Workshop today. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love doing Reading Workshop everyday! I do a modified version of Daily 5. I do 2.5 rounds everyday.  How can I do .5?  I will explain below. Everyday everyone does Read to Self.  Then, I have a computer rotation.  I only have 3 computers in my classroom,

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Do you CAFE?

As I have posted before I am a huge fan of the Sisters, D5 and the Cafe menu.  I have seen a ton of different ways that it is done in a ton of different classrooms.  I like to do a hybrid.  I let the kiddos write some of the strategies, and I write (or print) others.  Here is a picture of my board at this point in the school year.  Actually, since I have taken this picture we have added a few more strategies and EVERYONE has a goal!  Woo-hoo!  We decided as a class that “Choosing Good Fit

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Reading Workshop/Daily 5

I love the Sisters!  I had the pleasure of meeting them a few years ago when I first started using D5 and Cafe in my classroom.  They really are as pleasant as they seem!  Obviously, I am the one in the middle!  That being said, I also love D5!  This is a  link to their fabulous website!  The Daily Cafe.   I have been using their Reading Workshop framework for 5 years now and would not teach reading any other way.  Of course, I don’t do it exactly the way they do.  You have to do what works for you right?  I

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