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Publishing student writing (classroom style!)

I wrote a post a short time back about publishing my student’s writing in my classroom (you can find that post here).  I have always tried to do some sort of publishing in one fashion or another, but I have been working on it really hard this year.  It is such a motivator for the kiddos.  They are willing to put in the work because it is so cool to “publish” your book, read it in front of the class, and add it to our classroom library!  They really get a kick out of watching me bind their books with

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Classroom Publishing…and a freebie!

Hey everyone!  It’s been a little while, but it has been crazy busy around here.  Who isn’t now a days right?  Anywho, I wanted to blog about a subject near and dear to my heart today.  Classroom publishing!  Do you “Publish” your kiddos writing?  It is a huge motivator in my room.  The kiddos love to see their finished writing all pretty and put together.  It is a process though, it does take a lot of work.    Up until recently I have had to use our school binding machine.  But I won a binding machine of my own and

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