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It Works for Me and a Freebie!

Organization is not my strong point.  But, I am much more organized at school than I am at home.  A few years ago I discovered something that helps me stay organized when it comes to students handing in assignments. It doesn’t look like much, but it works for me.  It is a pocket chart.  Each kiddo has their own pocket with their number on it.  When they come into class in the morning, they put their homework in their pocket.  Then, I can easily see who didn’t bring in their homwork.  Their number goes above on the board.  Then, I

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Ah Ha Moment! Classroom Management Idea

I love it when I have a brilliant idea(well, I think it’s brilliant)!  Who doesn’t right?  In my room we use a lot of paper.  A LOT OF PAPER.  I am often having to replenish the forms that they kiddos use the most.  My “ah ha” moment came accidentally.  One day I left the original with a sticky note with copying instructions on the bottom of a stack of forms.  I forgot all about it.  When one of the kiddos found that sheet (it was the very last one) she asked me about it.  I told her just to put

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