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Mentor Text for Syllables and Haiku

Mentor Texts for Writing: Teaching Syllables and Haiku!

I LOVE teaching my students to write poetry!  I love writing poetry myself. Haiku is my favorite type of poem to teach and to write! I would like to share with you just how I go about teaching this in my classroom and the books that I use to as Mentor Texts for teaching Haiku Writing! I have teamed up with some other amazing teachers from the Reading Crew to bring you this fun hop with great giveaways and freebies! This post contains affiliate links for Amazon.  If you purchase through my link I get a small commission with no cost to

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Mentor text for teaching adjectives.

Picture Book for Teaching Adjectives: Mentor Text Monday {FREEBIE included!}

  I’m Back!  Welcome to Mentor Text Monday!  Today I am sharing with you a fantastic picture book for teaching adjectives!  Click Read More to continue…   I really enjoy teaching my students about adjectives!  Using adjectives make their writing so much more descriptive and fun!   Toad by Ruth Brown in a fun Picture Book for Teaching Adjectives! I love this great children’s book with descriptive language!  It is the story of a horrible toad, a slimy, mucky, disgusting toad!  The kiddos love the gross factor of the adjectives in this book!  It follows the toad through the swamp where

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Mentor Text for Making Inferences: In the Blink of an Eye by Dieter Wiesmuller

Teaching Second Graders to Make Inferences isn’t the easiest thing, is it? It is an abstract concept. That being said, I LOVE teaching inferences!I make a ton of inferences every day even when I am not reading. I always point that out to my students as well.  One of my favorites is when a student asks me a question that they could figure out the answer to by just looking at the evidence in front of them.  I tell them to “Make an inference!”This book is a fun way to introduce the reading skill of Making Inferences to your students! This

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Making good choices book

Mentor Text Monday: The Power of our Choices!

I want to start by saying that I am not affiliated with the authors or creators of this wonderful book in any way, I just love it and wanted to share this wonderful book with others! What Should Danny Do?  is a book about making choices and how the choices we make affect our lives. This book is a kind of “pick a path” type of story, where your children can help Danny make his choices, then see the consequences of those choices (good and bad). I read this book with my students the other day, and they really enjoyed

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Read aloud for metacognition

Mentor Text Monday! The Girl Who Thought in Pictures :Meta cognition Freebie!

Hello! I want to share with you an extraordinary new book from Innovation Press: The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: the story of Dr. Temple Grandin This book is part of Amazing Scientist series! “If you’ve ever felt different if you’ve ever been low,if you don’t quite fit in, there’s a name you should know…”Meet Dr. Temple Grandin―one of the world’s quirkiest science heroes!This book is a perfect jump-off point to talk about many subjects in your classroom!Scientists, Women Scientists, metacognition, differences, and accepting differences. One of the things that I try to teach my kiddos every year is Meta-Cognition, or

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Mentor Text Link Up! Happy International Children’s Book Day!

I am linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text linky!  I love children’s books and what a better day to do it than on International Children’s book day? I love this book!  Of course, I love pretty much anything by Chris Van Allsberg!  It is about a farmer who accidentally hits a man with his truck.  He brings the man home.  The Stranger doesn’t speak, but enjoys his time with the farmer and his family.  The strange thing is, summer seems to be going on for n extra long time!   I cheated a little on the One

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Five for Friday!

So, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Randomness!  Who doesn’t like Randomness!  🙂 1. Wow!  Coming back to school is hard!  I went to bed every night this week at 8:30 (except tonight). 2.  I really wanted to regale everyone with my wonderful teaching/blogging prowess by posting impressive pictures of the great learning we did this week.  I REALLY wanted to! 3. I read a GREAT book to my kiddos this week to make mental images.  Boy, we came up with some good ones!  Down to the taste of the metal spoon on our tounges!  This

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