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Making Mental Images

Making Mental Images or Visualizing is one of my favorite things to teach the kiddos about reading.  I always say that is what makes reading so magical!  You get to make the pictures yourself.  I started this year with this picture that I found on Pinterest:   We had a great discussion of what this poster meant.  I also have a picture of a guy reading a book at the top.  It says “What I look like I am doing…” and then at the bottom is a picture of a muscular fellow wrestling with a shark and it says “What

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Five for Friday!

So, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Randomness!  Who doesn’t like Randomness!  🙂 1. Wow!  Coming back to school is hard!  I went to bed every night this week at 8:30 (except tonight). 2.  I really wanted to regale everyone with my wonderful teaching/blogging prowess by posting impressive pictures of the great learning we did this week.  I REALLY wanted to! 3. I read a GREAT book to my kiddos this week to make mental images.  Boy, we came up with some good ones!  Down to the taste of the metal spoon on our tounges!  This

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