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The Value of Guided Math Conferences!

If you would like to read more about Chapter one click on the picture! The Value of Guided Math ConferencesIf you have not heard the word “rigorous” in terms of the new standards (both Common Core and here in good ‘ol Indiana,  the College and Career Ready standards) you haven’t been paying attention.The call is for more rigorous math instruction and learning.  The shift is from learning the steps to solve a problem, the equations and what not, to learning why we do these steps and how it all fits together to get an answer. Here is my confession: until

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Guided Math Conferences Book Study!

Our book study starts July 6 and continues until August 4. Make sure you’re following all of the blog hosts so you don’t miss out on any of the chapters!  I am hosting Chapter 2 on July 10!  Hope you see you then! Chapter 1 – Conferring with Young Mathematicians Chapter 2 – The Value of Guided Math Conferences Chapter 3 – The Structure of Guided Math Conferences Chapter 4 – Types of Guided Math Conferences Chapter 5 – Implementing Conferences Chapter 6 – Managing Conferences to Promote the Success of Young Mathematicians Chapter 7 – Guidelines for Effective Conferences 

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