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Teacher Time Saver Idea!

Hello all!  I am participating in the Teacher Time Savers Linky Party hosted by Literacy Loves Company! This is a little tip that has saved me a ton of time and aggravation over the years! So, in my district we are required to wear a lanyard with our I.D.  I also have a “keychain” wallet, my keys and my trusty chapstick holder on my lanyard.  I wear it from the time I leave the house in the morning, until I get home after school. Yes, I am a huge Harry Potter fan.  I was officially sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore.

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In case of emergency…

Are you required to wear your identification badge while you are at school?  We are.  Our card also lets us access the copy machine, so it is handy to have it all the time.  Another neat safety feature that our school has implemented is that our classroom keys (we can only unlock our own classrooms) can LOCK any room in our school building.  So if I am in someone else’s room and there is an emergency, I can lock their door using my key!  That being said (an me being super paranoid), I keep my keys on my lanyard as

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Tweaked Emergency Idea!

My badge with the list inside! Wow!  My last several blog posts have been un-teachery!  I need to get back to the teacher stuff!  🙂As with all teachers I am always looking for new ways to make my life easier! Funny, but there are some aspects to teaching that I never really took to much time to think about.  I just did them like everyone else!  Then, Pinterest came along and changed all of that.  I have learned so many great ideas through Pinterest and teacher blogs that I can’t keep up with it all!  Anyway, one of the things that

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