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Stop, “I Don’t Know What to Write About!” during Writer’s Workshop!

Hello all!  Thank you so much for stopping by!   Today I want you to stop for a moment and re imagine Writing Prompts. Usually when I think of writing prompts, I think of a narrow, specific task that the students need to address.  What if I told you that Writing Prompts could be fun, scaffolded, and engaging?  What if I even told you that your kiddos would ask for them during Writer’s Workshop or Writing Centers (even your most reluctant writers)? Let me introduce: Pick a Prompts and Story Starter Cootie Catchers! First up: Pick a Prompts! These are

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Shark Week Hop with a freebie!

Hello all!  Thanks so much for swimming by!  Stay in the water only long enough to pick up all of your wonderful shark week freebies! My little freebie is a Writing Prompt Cootie Catcher featuring…you guessed it Sharks! But it is so much more!   This Cootie Catcher is perfect for Writer’s Workshop, Substitute Teachers, Summer School, Summer Packets, Writing Center, or even for story telling!   My little freebie includes one full color cootie catcher, and the same one in black and white. It also includes the paper for the kiddos to write their stories on! Thanks so much

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