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Mentor Text for Making Inferences: In the Blink of an Eye by Dieter Wiesmuller

Teaching Second Graders to Make Inferences isn’t the easiest thing, is it? It is an abstract concept. That being said, I LOVE teaching inferences!I make a ton of inferences every day even when I am not reading. I always point that out to my students as well.  One of my favorites is when a student asks me a question that they could figure out the answer to by just looking at the evidence in front of them.  I tell them to “Make an inference!”This book is a fun way to introduce the reading skill of Making Inferences to your students! This

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The Care and Feeding of My Classroom Library Part 1 : Organization!

I have been a teacher now for 17 years.  My biggest passion as a teacher is teaching children how to read and love books.  When you walk into my classroom, the first thing that you notice (besides the bright orange couch) is my book collection.    I have a problem passion for collecting books for my classroom library! So, just for fun, a rough estimate mind you, I probably have over 2,000 books in my little classroom library.   I believe the best way to get children interested in reading is to give them choice in what they read.  Of

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