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March Bright Ideas: 3 ways to make setting up your class calendar easier!

Hurrah!  March! It’s almost Spring…I can taste the warm weather!  Are you ready? I’m back with a fun bright idea for your calendar this month! 1.  Stikki Clips!  I use Stikki Clips to put up the days on my calendar! I love these things!  You can stick them up anywhere and insert a piece of paper and Voila!  They are awesome! 2. I mark what day it today with a clothespin and a bright orange sticker.  This was a spur of the moment, oh!  I have to mark the date…what can I use… types of inspirations and I love it!

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Okay, it may be sacrilegious, but I don’t like doing calendar with my kiddos.  I taught Kindergarten for 8 years and had to do the calendar song and dance everyday.  I HATE IT!  So, now that I teach the more sophisticated Second Grade I feel like I can cut back.  I realize that cutting it out entirely is probably not plausible.  So here is my compromise.  On the first school day of the new month we “do” calendar.  We all get out our Math Notebooks which have a calendar section.  We number the calendar, write down important dates (birthdays, field

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