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Building Mathematical Comprehension: Chapter 8: Synthesizing Information

This book is really making me THINK!   Chapter 8 is all about Synthesizing Information.  This is one of those strategies that I have always had a tough time explaining to the kiddos.   According to Keene and Zimmerman (1997) compare synthesis, the process of sifting through a multitude of details, focusing on the most relevant and then organizing those ideas, to the meticulous creation of a “mosaic of meaning, a beauty, greater than the sum of each shiny piece.”  The author states: “The process of synthesizing information may be the most complex of the comprehension strategies.” (I’ll say!) So!  How does this

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Building Mathematical Comprehension Book Study!

Summer vacation is the best isn’t it?  I love getting up when I want (usually about 6:30 due to everyone else in the house being up).  I can exercise when I want, I have time to read and to blog.  I have no excuse for not blogging, but I have been busy enjoying my new freedom (taking long baths and napping mostly!)So!  Here is one of the books that I am reading this summer!  Building Mathematical Comprehension by Laney Sammons of Guided Math fame!Today I am sharing my thoughts on Chapter 2: Recognizing and Understanding Mathematical Vocabulary.First off, let me

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