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8 Fun Morning Work Activities Part 2

  Welcome back to Part 2 of my Morning Work Activities post! So, without further ado, jump right in to check it out and grab your freebies! In my last post, I started talking about Morning Work Activities that don’t involve worksheets!  Check out some other ideas! 5. Talk to your friends! Sometimes the kiddos come in with a story to tell or something that they desperately want to share.  I am not a fan of Show and Tell, or Show and Share, so I try to give them time to just come in and talk to one another.  Sometimes I

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8 Fun Morning Work Activities Part 1

Ahhh…the first 20 min. of school after you have happily greeted all of your darling cherubs.  We want them to be busy, independent, learning, and calm.  I want my morning work activities to help set the tone for the day.I don’t know how you feel,  but as a teacher, I really don’t want morning work to be something that I have to later grade, so I have a few fun morning work activities(or bell ringer work) that doesn’t involve worksheets or a whole lot of planning! This post is the first in a 2 part series.  Today are ideas 1-4!This post

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