Campfire Stories, Flashlights and S’mores, Oh My!

After the Pumpkin Math comes Campfire Stories!  This is how we celebrate our first published piece of writing for the school year.  In the past we have written spooky stories to read around our campfire.  This year, I thought that I would try something different, so we wrote Fall Personal Narratives.  I am not sure which I like better, but this is the first year that everyone was published by the time we did campfire stories.  The kiddos had a great time coming up with their fall stories.  I had lots of stories about jumping in piles of leaves and Halloween costumes.  The day that we do our Campfire stories I borrow the fake fire from my very creative teammate.  We have it set up in the meeting area.  The kiddos are asked to bring in flashlights and pillows.  We start off in a circle, and everyone reads their favorite sentence from their story.  Since we have been working really hard on leads, most of the kiddos read their leads.  After that, we split off into pairs to read our stories with a partner, changing partners frequently so that everyone got a chance to hear everyone stories.  They love using their flashlights and getting comfy with their pillows for this!  A lot of the kiddos chose to sit right around the “campfire” to read their story.  Of course, no good campfire is complete without s’mores!  I can’t cook in my room, so the marshmallows were replaced with marshmallow fluff, but who can resist marshmallow fluff? Yummmmmmmmmm 🙂 !

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