Building Mathematical Comprehension Book Study!

Summer vacation is the best isn’t it?  I love getting up when I want (usually about 6:30 due to everyone else in the house being up).  I can exercise when I want, I have time to read and to blog.  I have no excuse for not blogging, but I have been busy enjoying my new freedom (taking long baths and napping mostly!)

So!  Here is one of the books that I am reading this summer!  Building Mathematical Comprehension by Laney Sammons of Guided Math fame!
Today I am sharing my thoughts on Chapter 2: Recognizing and Understanding Mathematical Vocabulary.

First off, let me say that I stink at math!  I always have.  But, I have found over the years that teaching math has made me better at it.  That being said, I am always looking for ways to improve my math instruction.  This book is perfect for me as it helps me to relate teaching math to teaching reading! It just makes so much sense to me!  Phew!

When I read Chapter one, it made me think of the CAFE menu in my classroom.  I am planning to use it next year during my math lessons as well.  I think that I am going to introduce the strategies as “Thinking Strategies” (suggested in chapter one)  instead of just reading strategies, then color code by how you would use these in reading and math.  I am still thinking on this one, but I love the idea! 

Anywho, so when I saw that title of Chapter 2 I automatically thought: Expand Vocabulary!  It just fits perfectly!

We all know how important it is to teach vocabulary.   Sometimes I forget how important until a kiddos says:  What does ________ mean?  When I just assumed that they all knew what I was talking about!  This chapter has inspired me to sit down and think about what vocabulary is going to be important for my kiddos and how I plan to teach it! 

I love that this chapter has all kinds of ideas for teaching math vocab!  I really want to incorporate a math notebook into my teaching for next year.  I am also inspired to make a math word wall (or add math terms to my current word wall).  It also has some suggestions for games to play!  Who does love playing games?  

All in all I must say that I am really enjoying this book! 
What do you think?  

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