Back to School Desk Downsize

Hello all!  Soooooo good to see you again!  Thanks for stopping by!
So, all summer I have been blog stalking and reading about teachers who have (gasp!) given up their teacher desks.  I will be honest,  I LOVE and HATE the idea.
I have been mulling this one over for years (I am not kidding, years).
For the first several years I was in my school we were told that there was no storage so we had to keep every piece of furniture that we had been issued in our rooms. So, I had no choice.  
Well, recently some storage was discovered, so we can have excess items removed.
So, I bit the bullet, but not all the way.
I thought that I would ease into it with a desk downsize.  I will be honest, I LOVE having a space of my own in the classroom, I just wanted it to be a little smaller!
Here is a picture of what the desk looked like BEFORE:

In interest of being totally honest, this isn’t MY desk.  I forgot to take a picture of my desk before the rounded part was taken away.  This one is next door in my teammate’s room.  She gave me permission to take a picture because it was clean!
This desk is a monstrosity!   It is huge.  The rounded part was meant to serve as a meeting place for students, but it never really worked that way for me.  So, that is the part that I got rid of.I was also rearranging and had an extra computer table.  So my downsized desk is the straight part of the desk above and a computer table.  Here are some pictures of the AFTER:

I like that the amount of space that my desk takes up it smaller.  But, in case of a lockdown drill there had to be enough space for my kiddos to hide.  This is the one corner of the room that can’t be seen through the window in the door.  I am very sad that this had to be part of the decision making process for me.  The one thing that is AWESOME is that there is NO room for clutter!  But What I have discovered is a lot of  the clutter that used to be on my desk has now been displaced to my meeting table:
desk downsize
So, not perfect yet…but will it really ever be?  Maybe my desk will be the next to go.  Stay tuned!  We’ll see! 
So, what does your desk look like?

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