A Triple Scoop of Second Grade!

Calling all second grade teachers!  Today I teamed up with some other amazing second grade teacher bloggers to bring you a Triple Scoop of Second Grade!

The first scoop is my best selling product:  Commas to the Rescue!
I created this a while back when my kiddos were having some trouble with the comma rules!
Here is what is included:

Posters for each of the comma rules 
(commas between words in a series, in compound sentences, to set off a speakers words, between city and state, between day and year, and in letters) 
Practice pages for each of the comma rules
Quiz for all of the comma rules.
Answer keys 
(some pages will vary by student response).

My kiddos really got a kick out of Captain Comma!  He helps Suzy and Stanley Citizen with their comma dilemmas!  

One teacher who left sweet feedback said that she actually had a cape and pretended to be Captain Comma!

The Second Scoop is my first “bundled” product!
First let me say that I am not usually a writing prompt teacher.  I believe in letting the kiddos write about whatever they chose.
That being said have you ever heard:
“I don’t know what to write about!”
“I just can’t think of anything!”
Yeah, me too.

So, in the interest of preserving choice for the kiddos while giving them some guidance, I created Pick-a-Prompts!

This one is from my Anytime Pick-a-Prompts.

The idea is really simple.  The kiddos chose on item from each category (characters, setting, and plot) and then write a story!
They can be used in centers, for fast finishers, as homework, or an easy way to leave a writing assignment for a guest teacher!)
I have also included other types of prompts in my products.  You will find: (read product descriptions for which prompts you will find in each product)

Friendly Letter
Challenge Prompts (write a story using certain words)
Funny Prompts:
This is from my October Pick-a-Prompt
Compare and Contrast 
Opinion Writing
Make Your Own Pick-a-Prompt

I have several Pick-a-Prompt products in my Teacher’s Pay Teachers store. 
Each one has a free prompt in the preview! 
Except for the Beginning of the school year bundle!

My Beginning of the Year Product has: Anytime, Back to school, October, and November all in one bundle for 25% off the price of buying each one individually! 
And in celebration of the Triple Scoop Linky Party, both of these products are on sale in my store today for 20% off!

For my third scoop I did a product swap with Kelsey from Aloha to Second!
She sent me her amazing:
Morning Poetry Packet
Here is what is included in this very versatile pack:
Word Sort Worksheet

Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
Comprehension Worksheet
Skill Worksheet
Compare and Contrast Worksheet
Retelling Worksheet
Fluency Race Recording Sheet
Poetry “Voice” Cards

There are a myriad of ways that this pack can be used!  (I just love the word myriad)!  It could be used for whole group instruction, small group instruction, homework, or at a poetry center!

I have been doing a poem a week in my classroom for years and this pack is perfect for working with our poems!  Thanks so much Kelsey!

Please don’t forget that I also have a giveaway for an adorable pair of earrings from the Trashy Crafter!  You can find that post here!

You can get the scoop on the other Second Grade teachers here:

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