A little Quirky…

Oh my heavens is this thing brilliant!  

It is one of those simple ideas that make it so much more useful!  

What am I talking about?  

It’s The Quirky Align Stapler!

First, the technicalities.  I have not been paid or compensated in anyway by this company.  I found this wonderful little stapler and I wanted to share it with the teaching world.  I have already bought 3 of them!  One for me and 2 for my colleagues!  I have provided a link to get your own and it is an amazon affiliate link, but you don’t have to get it through me!  🙂

Now!  Let me tell you more about this little gem!  
It is a two piece stapler.  The top is the actual stapler, the bottom is the base.  It is completely detachable and the base is magnetic!

The stapler on it’s own is perfect for stapling things onto walls or bulletin boards.
The most brilliant part is that it makes repairing books a breeze!  You can staple anywhere on a page!

It is magnetic, so I hung mine on my front whiteboard so I wouldn’t lose it!
I LOVE it!  You can get yours HERE!  How would you use it in your classroom?

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