A few of my favorite things…

I am on Spring Break this week and Linkin it up with Flying into First Grade!  This week we are talking about our favorite things!

Favorite Place to Shop

This is a hard one!  I LOVE to shop!  I love Target, Amazon.com, and TpT of course!
Favorite T.V. show
This is another hard one for me as we technically don’t get any regular T.V. channels.  Netflix works well for us!  But, I do all the seasons of The Big Bang Theory, and am really, really sad that Firefly is not on the air any more! Uh, oh,  I think my geek is showing.
Favorite Sweet Treat
I am rather a candy fanatic!  I love, love, love Chocolate Riesen!  They are my absolute fave…
Favorite Food

Mashed Potatoes.  Hands down, no contest.  I could eat them as here or there, I could eat them anywhere!
Favorite Restaurant

This varies depending on the food mood, but I can never say no to Chipotle.  I have just recently discovered Chipotle and am not sure how I lived this long without it!
So, what are YOUR favorite things?  Link up and share!

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